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Introducing the Canon EOS C400 – Matthew Irving

James Mathers sits down with Canon’s Matthew Irving to find out all about the new EOS C400 cinema camera.

Introducing the LUMIX GH7 – Matt Frazer

Panasonic’s Matt Frazer shares details with James Mathers about the new LUMIX GH7 cinema camera  with Internal RAW, Improved Auto-Focus, and The Ability to Use ARRI LogC3 Color Science.

Godox – Jameson Brooks

Jameson Brooks gives a run down of the many products Godox showcased at Cine Gear Expo 2024 from their KNOWLED cinematic series, including the Beamlight MAX90 reflector on the high-power LED MG2400Bi, the RGBWW flexible LED mats, and an image based lighting control app.

Leitz Cine – Seth Emmons

Seth Emmons from Leitz details the large variety of cinema lenses they are currently delivering including the new Hugo and Elsie series as well as their very high-end and high-speed Summilux primes, as well as Leitz Primes and Zoom, plus the Summicrons and Thalia lines.  He also delves into their philosophy of keeping up with the large variety of new lens mounts concentrating on the short flange depth LPL and L mounts and simply using available adapters.  Recorded June 8th on the Warner Bros. backlot as part of the DCS coverage of Cine Gear Expo 2024.


RatPac Controls – Nick Stabile

RatPac Controls’ Nick Stabile shares the company’s philosophy which is to make set lighting more efficient by controlling the power and data for managing complex lighting setups.  He also shares details on a couple of new products including the Slingshot for precise low-wattage wireless control made possible by MOSFET technology and the new 208V Hot Link,  a compact electrical power distribution box specifically designed for 208V or 240V power.


ZEISS – Tony Wisniewski

Tony Wisniewski presents the new ZEISS Nano high-speed cine prime lenses, (T1.5 throughout,) made specifically for mirrorless full frame cameras . They are designed to be compact, lightweight, and versatile for a wide range of shooting situations. They are currently available in six focal lengths (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm), in E-mount with more mount options to come.  Tony also gives us an update on their CinCraft Scenario, a camera tracking system for use in real-time rendering engines for virtual production or live compositing.

SIGMA – Kazuto Yamaki

The President and CEO of SIGMA, Kazuto Yamaki discusses how his family owned company finds the right balance between price, quality, and character of their lenses and gives an overview of their products including the new and Extremely Fast F1.8 Zoom Lens for Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras, their very complete Cine Primes and their small, but high resolution FP camera.

Rosco Lighting – Emily Stadulis

Rosco’s Emily Stadulis presents the DMG LION that features a self contained focusable 13” fresnel lens system and swappable LED engines, a MIX LED Engine for fine tuning color and a PUNCH LED engine that optimizes lumen output. This is designed to also future-proof by being able to easily upgrade as LED technology advances by swapping advanced LED engines when they become available without replacing the entire fixture.  She also showed off the small battery operated DMG DASH units.

Jagoteq – Eric Eggly

Jagoteq’s Eric Eggly presents their new fiber optic laser lighting solutions and points out the many advantages over legacy technologies.   Flexible and cool to the touch, fiber can carry soft even light in strands laid out over 100’ from the light engine.  Plus, the laser light engine has very low power consumption and can easily run off batteries.

ARRI Hi-5 SX – Tobias Frischmuth

ARRI’s Tobias Frischmuth introduces the single-axis Hi‑5 SX hand unit for wireless camera and lens control. It can work practically any cinema lens/camera package and can be easily upgraded to higher functionality via optional software licenses. It is weatherproof and exceptionally durable with an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Atlas Lens Company – Dan Kanes and Scott Dewald

Two Co-founders of the Atlas Lens Company, Dan Kanes and Scott Dewald, share a little history of their company which has been devoted to designing premium lenses for anamorphic cinematography including the Orion and Mercury Series. They now also have a new “Speed Booster” adapter.

Infinity Photo-Optical – Jay Margolis

Infinity Photo-Optical’s Jay Margolis shares the latest details of their Macro/Micro Lens Technology for cinematography including a versatile new kit and the submersible “Dipper” snorkel lens.

Fujifilm – Pamela Bloom

Fujifilm’s Pamala Bloom shares the concept behind the Duvo series of zoom lenses including the 25-1000mm, the 24-300mm, and the new Duvo wide angle 14-100mm portable zoom.  She also shows off the X-H2S camera which pairs nicely with the economical MK series of zooms, as well as mentioning the GFX100 II series of medium format cameras which pair well with Premista zooms for higher end cinema work.

Cineo – Joseph Mendoza

Cineo’s Joseph Mendoza shares details about their new R10 Bi-Color LED with a power draw of 800w and output comparable to larger HMIs with a liquid cooled LED Tower light engine that will be swappable to a full color version.  The unit is self contained at about 50lbs and IP65 weather rated.

Cartoni – Steve Manios

Cartoni’s Steve Manios gives an update on their latest products including a rail clamp support for 75/100mm bowl base heads and a new dovetail system to quickly move from one camera platform to another, as well as a new line of Advanced Encoded Fluid Heads.

Lee Filters, (a Panavision company) – Jeffrey A. Reyes

Jeffrey Reyes shares a little of the history and details the latest products from Lee Filters, which is a division of Panavision.

AJA ColorBox – Tim Walker

AJA’s Tim Walker gives James Mathers an update on their new ColorBox, a color management solution for accurate HDR/SDR on-set monitoring with a variety of video processing options.

Dedolight California – Marianne Exbrayat

Marianne Exbrayat, President of Dedolight California details their two reflective cinema lighting systems, the Lightstream with a fixed surface and the Eflect with multiple mirrors on a bendable board which both take advantage of Dedolight’s unique parallel beam lights including the DPB70.

Anton Bauer – Andy Hutton

Anton Bauer’s Andy Hutton shares details on their latest product releases including updates to the VCLX for running high-power lights or cameras, along with a VCLX quad charger and “Combiner” for hot swapping them.  He also presents a 90wh Micro camera battery, and gives an update on the adoption of the SALT-E Dog as part of the DCS coverage of Cine Gear Expo 2024.


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