Join us for our Digital Cinema Society Streaming Coverage of NAB 2023 to see the latest in motion picture technology. For the second year in a row we are shooting our interviews employing Camera-2-Cloud via and this year, with Teradek’s new Prism System.  This allows us to deliver our NAB show floor coverage to you faster and cleaner than ever. See the descriptions with separate links below, or view the entire collection of interviews here, (and check back often throughout the show to the latest coverage):


James Mathers interviews Adobe’s Senior Product Manager, Francis Crossman, who shows us Adobe Premier Pro’s newest workflow feature, Text-based Editing.

James Mathers interviews his longtime friend,’s Michael Cioni about their use of Teradek’s new Prism mobile for Camera-2-Cloud, the exciting integrations that is doing with Fujifilm and their XH2 and XH2S cameras, and what might just be on the horizon for AI and Camera-2-Cloud technology.

James Mathers talks with Blackmagic Design’s Bob Caniglia about the latest update to their 12K camera — the OLPF (optical low pass filter), which is a Netflix approved update — and that their new pocket cameras have the ability to shoot vertically.

James Mathers talks to Cooke Optics’ Chris D’Anna about Cooke’s addition of 4 new focal lengths for their S8 Series (which puts the series now at 11), their new Varotal 19-40 Zoom lens, and their 1.8 anamorphics.

James Mathers talks with Nanlite’s Barry Garcia about the update to their FORZA line — the FORZA II, plus upgrades to their modifiers, tubes, and even a little hint about what’s coming.

James Mathers talks with Core SWX’s Zack Shannon about their new block battery, the Renegade, which sports a 777 watt hour battery pack, and its big brother the Renegade XL, which lasts up to 1400 watt hours.

James Mathers talks with ARRI’s Tyler Rocheleau and gets an in-depth debut of the Trinity Live, the update of the Trinity 1, with an assist from operator Leon Moralic.

James Mathers talks with Riedel’s Wolfgang Fritz about all things new with their Bolero wireless intercom system, including their 2.4 GHz solution.

James Mathers talks with ARRI’s Jung-Jin Ahn about their new business unit, ARRI Solutions, a virtual production start-to-finish service, concentrating on everything from as little as consulting all the way to building a virtual production (or even a traditional broadcast) stage.

James Mathers takes a virtual ride with Kino Flo’s Frieder Hochheim, as they discuss the exciting things that Kino Flo and it’s partner companies Chauvet and Chamsys are doing with image based lighting.

James Mathers talks with Band Pro’s Randy Wedick about Angénieux’s new Optima Ultra Compact zoom which can serve as a 21mm-56mm covering Full Frame at T2.9 or it can be easily modified to serve as a 15mm-40mm at T2.2 covering “U35,” (Randy Wedick explains that is new terminology to describe coverage larger than regular S35, but shy of Full Frame.) .

James Mathers talks with 16×9’s James Lee, who introduces us to the new Octamas SWISScage, the generation 3 Easyrig, and tells us about what’s new in ORCA bags.

James Mathers talks with Blackmagic Design’s Bob Caniglia about all the new updates in DaVinci Resolve 18.5

James Mathers talks with Cinnafilm’s Curtis Staples about all the new features of PixelStrings media conversion platform.

James Mathers talks with his old friend AJA’s Barry Goch, who tells us about their new Dante AV 4K IP workflow device and their new ColorBox color converter.

James Mathers interviews SmallHD’s Dave Bredbury, who introduces us to the Smart 5, their newest series of 5” monitors.

CODEX’s Ali Nicholls tells James Mathers about their end-to-end data management solutions —  from their Compact Drives for on-camera media, to their transfer drives, and their very large Media Vault Edge using lossless High Density Encoding for reduced file sizes and global connectivity to transcode and share data to verified users in the post pipeline.

James Mathers interviews his old buddy Toby Sali of BB&S and learns all about their latest remote phosphor lights, offering higher efficiency without higher prices, and gets us a look at their new compact fresnel.

PIX’s Kalif Fuller tells James Mathers about the integrations they are doing with industry partners Teradek and QTAKE for Camera-2-Cloud and remote collaborative workflows.

Canon’s Ryan Snyder gives James Mathers a look at the newest innovation in Canon cinema lenses, the Flex Zooms, which can be converted for use in full frame or super 35 in PL or EF mount.

OWC’s Larry O’Connor and Farshid Tabrizi tell James Mathers about all the new updates to OWC products.

Panasonic Lumix’s Sean Robinson tells James Mathers about their cameras, with an in-depth look at the S5 Mark II X (coming soon) and shows us a great new accessory for the GH6.

Teradek’s Colin McDonald tells James Mathers about all the ways Teradek is helping people stream to the Cloud, especially those using multiple cameras, and gives us a look at the Prism Mobile, which is what we’re using to get these great videos up so quickly.

TERADEK’s Jon Landman shows James Mathers the newest update to their Ranger wireless transmitter — the Ranger 2.0 — that get’s you 4.9-6.4 GB and a 5,000 ft range. This small and powerful transmitter is great for broadcasting large live events.

OWC’s Sam Mestman tells James Mathers all about their newest, most powerful JELLYFISH storage system.

LiteGear’s Chad Tiller tells James Mathers about the great updates they’ve made to their LITEMAT Spectrum series and shows us their newest AURORIS.

Fiilex’s Brent Siebenaler tells James Mathers all about their new G3 full color fresnel.

Cineo’s Joseph Mendoza shows James Mathers their brand new QUANTUM LADDER and Reflex R15 and shows us how all their lights work with their StageLynx app.

James Mathers interviews AbelCine’s Jeff Lee and learns all about the integrations they are making for cinema camera use in live broadcast environments.

James Mathers interviews Wooden Camera’s Dominick Aiello about their new Elite Accessory System for the Sony Venice and Venice II cameras.

Litepanels’ Michael Herbert shows James Mathers the newest upgrade in their Gemini Hard series — the Gemini 2×1 Hard.

Quasar Science’s Tim Kang tells James Mathers all about their innovations in Imaged Based Lighting for Virtual Production.

Sigma’s Aaron Norberg shows James Mathers the new lenses in their Contemporary Series — the 23mm F1.4 DC DN, the 1.7mm F4 DG DN, and the 50 mm F2 DG DN.

ZEISS’ Tony Wisniewski tells James Mathers about their Supreme Primes and Supreme Prime Radiance lenses for virtual capture and volumes on stage. 

B&H’s Michel Suissa shares with James Mathers the continued success of B&H, the major manufacturers they represent, and their role as being one of the largest U.S. suppliers of, not only the core technology of camera acquisition, but also the  technology used in developing markets like virtual production.

Rosco’s Marttise Hill shows James Mathers the new lights in their DMG line, giving him a demonstration of the versatility of both the DMG MAXI and the DMG Dash.

CARTONI USA’s Steve Manios shows James Mathers the Cartoni Lifto, a state-of-the-art motorized support for PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras with a unique remote-control elevation unit.

CARTONI’s Elisabetta Cartoni tells James Mathers all about their new line of encoded heads, the E-MAXIMA.

Sigma brand ambassador Graham Sheldon shows James the newest lens in the Sigma Cinema line, the 65mm T1.5, and demonstrates how he uses Sigma technology in his Camera-2-Cloud workflow.

Canon’s Ryan Snyder tells James Mathers about the many firmware updates that Canon has made to all their cameras, especially the R5 C.

ARRI’s Art Adams shows James Mathers their new behind-the-lens Impression Filters, giving cinematographers more creativity and the ability to get that vintage lens look.

Fujifilm Optical’s Stosh Durbacz introduces James Mathers to their new large sensor compatible broadcast zoom lens series — the Duvo — which includes the Duvo 25-1000 (a F2.8-5.0 PL mount cinema box lens), the Duvo Portable 24-300, and in the pipeline, their wide angle little brother.

Fujifilm Electronic Imaging’s Michael Bulbenko tells James Mathers about their latest camera which includes built-in camera-to-cloud capabilities for stills and motion imaging.

Heesung Choi presents the FOMEX “RollLite” kit to James Mathers at NAB 2023. The kit is bi-color and light weight including 4 x 3’x3″ 300watt soft flexible LED blankets that can be combined into a large 6’x6′ frame which all fits into a compact case and draws only 1200 watts.

ARRI’s Tobias Frischmuth introduces James Mathers to the latest member of their electronic controls line — the ZMU-4 Zoom Control.

Avid’s Raymond Thompson tells James Mathers about the many features of Media Composer and alliances with industry partners that are being employed to improve collaborative workflows for motion pictures and television post production.

Heesung Choi shows James Mathers GenTree’s rugged 14 volt batteries – the Penta 1200 – and demonstrates how they can be combined in their coupler to power large LED lights.

In this joint interview, TRP Worldwide’s Pat Caputo and DoPchoice’s Stefan Karle show James Mathers the FAT-RABBIT, their collaborative line of large-size fixture frames. Next, Pat gives James a look at the Knockout©, TRP’s black fabric for blue and greenscreen that “knocks out” all backlight. He then shows us their array of diffusion fabrics, and gives us a demonstration of the new magnetic dampening car mount system from iDEA VISION.

Dedo Weigert talks about Dedolight’s NEO ballast, which controls 34 different dedolights for color and intensity. He also discusses their collaboration with Prolycht and how dedo optics improve their products. And finally, the dedo Lightstream reflector system, an efficient and effective means of motion picture lighting using reflectors to multiply a single source.