Westcott Introduces Versatile New Solix Bi-Color LED Line

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WESTCOTT SolixLEDThe FJ Westcott company, well known for their line of photographic light modifiers and more recent manufacture of LED fixtures, has introduced a new Solix Bi-Color LED.  The new unit is a compact and powerful 90-watt LED light designed for both stills and motion picture work. The Solix emits a light output of up to 3100 lux (at 1m) with a high color accuracy rating of up to 97 CRI (98 TLCI) and a beam angle of ~120o.   Weighing only 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg), the Solix Bi-Color’s compact housing is durable and heat resistant. An output dial and digital display located on the back allow for precise output and color temperature control. This energy-efficient AC/DC light draws only 90 watts and is rated for 50,000+ hours of use.

WestcottSolixModifiersWestcott also offers a range of light modification options; the basic kit includes a 12” (30.5cm) round collapsible softbox to maximize light output, a magnetic barndoor system for precision, and a removable frosted diffusion cap for eliminating cross-shadows.  The new Solix incorporates a locking all-metal speedring with 8 standard rod receptacles so as to be compatible with a variety of modifiers, including Westcott’s line of softboxes, Stripbanks, and 5’ Octabanks (up to 4 lbs). The basic Solix Compact Kit is available to purchase for $359.90, as a single light kit with an Apollo Orb and stand.


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