Voyage Audio Releases Spatial Mic – New for 360-Degree Sound Capture

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Voyage Audio Releases Spatial Mic – New for 360-Degree Sound Capture

SpacialAudioMicsx320Voyage Audio has announced Spatial Mic, a professional second-order ambisonics VR microphone capable of single wire connectivity to a computer or mobile device for studio, live events, and mobile recording.  It features an 8 capsule array to Second Order Ambisonics for live binaural headphone monitoring, USB Streaming and ADAT Light-Pipe.  A DAW plugin and remote control app is included as well as individual calibration stored in each mic.

For AR/VR applications, the Spatial Mic records in 360 degrees, allowing the sound the viewer hears to change as they move and look around in a Virtual Reality or 360° video.  Eight 14mm condenser capsules are perfectly matched to multi-stage, digitally controlled analog front ends and 110 dB-SNR DACs.  A dedicated digital circuit board within Spatial Mic features a 16-core processor and high resolution SiLabs clocking scheme.

SM Converter PluginThe Spatial Mic Converter plugin transforms the raw audio signals from Spatial Mic to first or second order ambisonics in AmbiX or Fuma formats. To accomplish this, Spatial Mic Converter uses an internal 64-channel filter matrix and measurements from an anechoic chamber.  Spatial Mic Converter offers the capability to change the microphone’s aim at the point in space where the audio was recorded. This is useful when aligning audio position with 360 video, or aiming the mic at a specific sound that should be in front of the listener.  Spacial Mic is available at an MSRP of $899 from the manufacturer’s website:


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