Tom Fletcher Publishes New Chart Covering Spherical Cine Zoom Lenses

by | May 4, 2016 | News | 0 comments

2016 Zoom Lens Chart v17 2 1Tom Fletcher, author of the very informative and well regarded Camera Comparison Chart and Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart has published a new comprehensive reference on spherical PL-Mount zoom lenses that are currently available for sale.  The chart details specs such as Image Coverage, Minimum T-stop, Front Diameter, Physical Dimensions, and “Highlighted Positives” for various Cine Zooms.  Tom has once again tried to objectively consolidate published information gathered from online research.  Download the chart here:


And if you have yet to check out his other charts, the Camera Comparison Chart can be found here:

and the Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart can be downloaded here:


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