Tom Fletcher publishes inaugural 2016 Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart

by | Feb 18, 2016 | News | 0 comments

2016 anamorphic prime lens chart v38 page 01Tom Fletcher, author of the very informative and well regarded Camera Comparison Chart has published a new comprehensive reference, the 2016 Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart. While the Camera Comparison Chart offers specs and rental rates, along with the pros and cons of various Digital Cinema cameras available to rent, the new effort concentrates on fixed focal length anamorphic lenses. Tom has once again tried to objectively consolidate published information gathered from online research as well as conversations with various rental houses around the world as it applies to the rental market. He also lists the various rental houses where you can source these sometimes hard to find lenses. Download the chart here:

And if you have yet to check out the latest version of Camera Comparison Chart, it can be found here:


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