Three DPs Explore Infinity Micro/Macro Lenses: Bill Bennett, ASC, James Mathers, and Cameron Cannon

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The Digital Cinema Society presents an exploration of Micro/Macro cinematography with three DPs including Bill Bennett, ASC, James Mathers, and Cameron Cannon.  The trio photograph a variety of shots in order to evaluate the technology which includes not only the lenses, but also the SiSu Robotic Camera Arm, the Canon C500 MkII, and HMIs lighting, which was provided by K5600.  The cinematographers share their insights in behind-the-scenes coverage from the tests that were shot at The Camera Division in North Hollywood, CA.


Executive Producers: Jay Margolis and Georgina Sanchez

Produced by: Tim Smith and James Mathers

Cinematographers: Bill Bennett, ASC, James Mathers, and Cameron Cannon

SiSu Robotic Camera Arm Operator: Nathan LaSur

Robotic Camera Arm Tech: Terrence Mcgee

Chief Lighting Technician: Ron Sill

Production Designer and Model Builder: Fon Davis of Fonco Studios

Art Director: Alexis Randolph


Special thanks to:

Rufus Burnham and the team at The Camera Division

Mark McManus and the team at Infinity Photo-Optical

Canon USA for use of the Canon C500 Mk II

K5600 for use of Joker and Alpha HMIs

Behind-the-scenes coverage was shot with a Panasonic Lumix S5.

And a very special thanks to the many Infinity lens users whose images were featured.



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