— Small Business Insurance Ideal for Short Term Indie Productions

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ThimbleInsuranceThe Digital Cinema Society had to let our expensive annual policy lapse when we had no real activity happening for the better part of a year due to the pandemic.  However, when we were ready to start back into production again on projects like our recently completed Covid Safety documentary, insurance coverage was not just a good idea, it was mandatory in order to secure locations.  Not having a spare $6,000 to restart our policy, I went looking for alternatives and was really happy to find an affordable alternative known as  This insurance broker arranges for coverage by the hour, day, or month in as little as 60 seconds online.  We were able to cover our two person crew with a one million dollar liability policy for as little as $35 a day which includes sending out certificates of insurance as necessary at no additional charge.

This kind of policy might not be right for larger scale productions, but it seems ideal for the small one-off shoots that sometimes come up for documentaries, corporate, and educational productions.  Why pay for an expensive annual policy when you are only shooting for a day or two?  Next time this comes up, we suggest you check out  And if you use the following link to signup, DCS will get a small finders fee.  So, save yourself some money and help support DCS:



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