The Giant Screen Cinema Association Conducts Camera Assessment Test of Six Cameras Using Only SIGMA Lenses

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Cinematographer James Neihouse, ASC, a Lifetime DCS member, along with Michael Daut, co-chair of the GSCA Innovations Committee, have conducted an extensive series of tests to evaluate the strengths of six high resolution cinema cameras and assess their suitability to shoot for the large screen format. The tests were conducted under the auspices of the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s (GSCA) who are holding their GSCA Film Expo at the IMAX Theater & Universal City Hilton on March 11-13.

The six selected cameras were ARRI Alexa 35, Canon R5C, Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K, RED V Raptor XL, SONY A1 and SONY Venice 2. The objective was to provide filmmakers with insights on how each camera performs in challenging shooting situations while standing up to the rigorous standards of premium giant screen theaters. This test involved a wide range of cameras, shooting scenarios, and locations. SIGMA T1.5 FF Cine Prime lenses were used with the SIGMA 65mm chosen as the evaluation benchmark for its corner to corner sharpness and ability to cover a full frame (Vista Vision) size sensor, (although other focal lengths were used in order to obtain matching field of view for other sensor sizes.)

As with the HBO Camera Assessment Series, the results can only be assessed when properly projected, and in this case, in a premium giant screen theater, so the tests cannot be viewed online.  However, a behind-the-scenes video, along with more details about the tests and a white paper by James Neihouse, ASC, sharing his thoughts on the cameras and lenses, is available here:


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