Teradek Introduces Prism Mobile 5G: Streams Over 5G Bonded Cellular and Records On-Board Up to 4K

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Teradek has announced the Prism Mobile 5G, an on-board bonded 5G cellular encoder, transmitter, and recorder. Designed to provide the best possible cellular connectivity in a compact, light weight package for live streaming or capture for camera-to-cloud workflows. The Prism Mobile 5G features 2x integrated high-performance cellular modems (LTE for the Mk II) with private mobile network / CBRS support, twin SIM slots, and an external connection for modem expansion.

Like its predecessor, the Flex, Prism Mobile works with a variety of camera-to-cloud platforms, including Frame.io, AVID, Sony C3P, Sony Ci, PIX, and Moxion. In fact, the DCS streaming coverage of NAB will be captured and transmitted from the show floor with the new unit using Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud technology. Prism Mobile takes advantage of Teradek Reliable Transport (TRT) protocol to bonded cellular workflows. TRT is an ultra-robust, ultra-low latency transport protocol that delivers audio and video over bonded cellular networks with minimal latency. TRT technology dynamically adjusts stream buffer size and forward error correction to optimize packet delays across diverse network environments allowing real-time delivery without sacrificing quality.  The Prism Mobile 5G is now available for pre-order; for more details, please visit: https://teradek.com/pages/prism-mobile


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