Sony FX3 Added to Netflix’s Approved Camera List

by | Aug 3, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Netflix has announced that the Sony FX3 has joined its big brother in the Sony Cine line and is now on the esteemed Netflix Approved Camera List.  Approved cameras have been evaluated by Netflix technologists to ensure they meet image capture benchmarks for dynamic range, color accuracy, detail rendition, signal to noise ratio, resolution, and key workflow requirements. These evaluations are designed to help Netflix creative partners know they’re using appropriate capture technology when telling their stories.  Netflix requires 90% of a program’s final total runtime to be captured on approved cameras. For nonfiction content, this threshold may be more flexible.  For more on the Netflix approved camera list visit the Netflix Partner Help Center:

For more information on the Sony FX3 and the entire Sony Cine line visit:


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