Sony Adds “BURANO” to CineAlta Line with Full Frame 8K Sensor and Image Stabilization with Either PL or E-mount

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Sony has announced the addition of a new Full Frame 8K sensor camera to their CineAlta line. To be known as the “BURANO,” the new camera features a compact form factor with a convertible native PL or E-mount and Image Stabilization with either mount.  When using E-mount lenses there is full support for Fast Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) and Subject Recognition AF. Although more than three pounds lighter, it is said to share many of the specifications and designed to work alongside of the VENICE 2. The camera has an 8.6K full-frame sensor with dual base ISO of 800 and 3200 and 16 stops of dynamic range.  The camera is expected to be available for delivery in Spring of 2024. For more details visit:–burano–the-newest-addition-to-sony-s-cinealta-family-of-digital-cinema-cameras/

(Addition to the initial post after getting my hands on the camera 9-14-23):  I saw the camera in person last night at a Sony launch event and was impressed. Priced at $25,000 US, it is a nice addition to their line-up in a smaller form factor than the Venice, but apparently able to intercut with it in most situations. Still, they are protecting their higher-end model by not including all the features of the Venice 2, (can you blame them?). I heard folks complaining about the viewfinder design, but hey, you have to give up something with the great price differential. (I believe the EVF on the Venice 2 goes for over $7K.) I was also a little disappointed to understand that the CFExpress Type B recording media is not compatible with my other Sony cameras or card readers.  These cards come in 960 and 1920RGB versions which can run up to almost $2,000 US per card.  All that said, this fills a gap in the CineAlta line, and I think it should be a pretty popular camera.


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