Some Items That Caught My Eye at NAB 2014

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With all the new Digital Cinema cameras and Lenses debuting at NAB, some smaller, but very cool items also deserve some attention.  Here’s a few that caught my eye:

Schneider Optics Wide Angle Adapter for Fujinon’s 19-90mm Cabrio

Sch fuji wide angleAdding even more versatility to Fujinon’s 19-90mm T2.9 Cabrio zoom, Schneider Optics premiered a new Wide Angle Adapter. Designed for quick mounting and removal on the front of the Cabrio, it provides a 30-percent wider angle of view than the normal 19mm allows, with an effective minimum focal length of 14.5mm.


PAGlink Stackable Camera Batteries from Manios Digital & Film

PaglinkThese are Lithium Ions built into small enough units, (94wh) to safely pass air travel restrictions.  However, two or more can be stacked to pool capacity, (i.e. combine two for 188wh.)  They can also be stacked for charging, (a four hole Anton Bauer charger can effectively charge a dozen or more batteries overnight.)  Another advantage is that they are hot swappable, and each has a separate capacity reading, (even giving you estimated run time based on current draw;) so you can see when batteries are getting low and swap out the last one in the chain without losing power before they all go down.  Available in Anton Bauer Gold or V-lock mount.


Total Design and Construction Refresh for Anton Bauer Batteries

AntonBauer2Speaking of batteries, Anton Bauer has completely refreshed their line with a streamlined color coded look and new cell construction.  Different battery capacities, such as their new Dionic 150 are a different color than their Dionic 90.  The new housing construction is designed to make them more rugged in order to safeguard their lithium ion contents, help them stay cooler, and add capacity, as well as add to the number of charge cycles during the life of the battery.   Now also available in V-lock.


Zacuto Gratical HD EVF

ZacutoEVFA new product from Zacuto that caught my eye is their Gratical HD EVF.  It features not only HDMI or SDI, but both, and can also cross convert. It supports viewing LUTs and can even export them to the Director’s display so everyone on set is seeing the Cinematographer’s intent.   Other high-end features include a built-in Wave Form, Histogram, False Color, Focus Assist, and Pixel-to-Pixel zoom, not to mention the OLED’s brilliant colors, rich blacks, and great contrast.  This is all offered in a very reasonably priced package that will allow the gear owner to quickly amortize their investment.

For much more on these and over 50 other technologies we covered at NAB please visit Streaming NAB 2014:


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