SOC Nominees and Honorees for 2015 Lifetime Achievement Awards

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Soc AwardThe Society of Camera Operators (SOC) have announced their nominees and lifetime achievement award honorees to be recognized at their Annual SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards, which takes place on Sunday, February 8th at the Paramount Theater at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.


Feature Film Camera Operator of the Year

  • Stephen Campanellli, SOC – The Mazerunner
  • Chris Haarhoff, SOC – Birdman
  • Peter Rosenfeld, SOC – Gone GirlInto the Storm
  • Dave Chameides – St. Vincent

Television Camera Operator the of Year

  • Stephen Campbell – Walking Dead
  • Steve Fracol, SOC – Scandal 
  • Bud Kremp, SOC –  Banshee 
  • Chris T.J. McGuire, SOC – True Detective 
  • Gary Jay – House of Cards

Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • Dan Gold, SOC for Camera Operator
  • David Eubank, for Camera Technician
  • Alan “Moose” Schultz for Mobile Platform
  • Suzanne Hanover, SMPSP for Still Photographer

Boogie Nights has been chosen for the Lifetime Achievement Award Historical Shot.

This year’s President’s Award will be given to Dan Perry, Director NAO Production Manager/Director DMPC of Sony Electronics and the Governor’s Award honoree will be announced soon.

The Technical Achievement Award for 2015 is awarded to Teradek LLC, for the advancement of HD transmission and the Bolt line of products.



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