Sigma Announces Two New Full Frame Cine Primes: 65mm T1.5 FF Cine Prime & T2.5 FF Cine Classic Prime

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Sigma has announced two new Full Frame 65mm additions to its Cine Lens lineup, which already included 20, 24, 28, 35, 40, 50, 85, and 105mm models. The new 65mm T1.5 FF Cine Prime and 65mm T2.5 Classic Prime share all the characteristics of the line that make each of the lenses so versatile: PL mount, markings in feet, T1.5 to T16 aperture range, a 95mm front diameter, 86mm filter size, and a 9-blade iris for soft, cinematic bokeh. A full-frame 43.3mm image circle covers large cinema sensors, including 8K support. It also provides lens metadata to the camera via Cooke /i technology for VFX and post-production assistance.

The Classic Prime Line 65mm T2.5 FF adopts an optical system designed exclusively for the 65mm T1.5 FF cinema lens, but like the previously released FF Classic Prime Line lenses, the optical system is centered upon uncoated lenses. This configuration makes it possible to achieve both the high resolution that SIGMA CINE LENS is known for, as well as classic image expression with low contrast and beautiful flaring and ghosting effects.  For more information, please visit:



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