SIGMA Announces 50mm F1.4 DG DN Art Lens + Major Firmware Updates for fp Series Cameras

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SIGMA has introduced a new 50mm F1.4 DG DN | Art lens for Full-Frame mirrorless cameras expanding their line of fast F1.4 aperture primes. Designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras, this lens features a completely new optical formula optimized for edge-to-edge imaging performance with short flange distance of mirrorless systems. Sagittal coma flare has been improved for pleasing rounded star images and a clean bokeh effect. Featuring the new HLA autofocus driver (High-response Linear Actuator) first introduced in the 60-600mm DG DN OS | Sports lens, the 50mm F1.4 DG DN | Art achieves swift and silent autofocus for both still and motion capture. With a dust- and splash-resistant build, a manual aperture ring with click and lock switches, an AFL button, and eleven rounded aperture blades, this lens is well suited for all types of image capture in the studio or on location. The SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG DN | Art will be available for Sony E-mount and L-Mount cameras at Authorized US Dealers for US$849 in late February 2023.

SIGMA has also announced Updates for their fp & fp L Cameras to add functionality for cinematographers by adding a new color mode, 4TB SSD compatibility, Atomos cloud support and more. The Version 5.0 for the 24-megapixel SIGMA fp, and Version 3.0 for the 61-megapixel fp L incorporates the EL ZONE metering system created by cinematographer Ed Lachman, ASC. EL ZONE is a false-color exposure tool where standard exposure (18% reflectivity) is displayed in gray, with up to six steps of both highlights and shadows displayed in an intuitive, standardized, color-coded format to allow creators to utilize the dynamic range of the cameras to its fullest. Additionally, Open Gate with Anamorphic Desqueeze for the ARRI ALEXA LF / ALEXA Mini LF has been added to the camera and settings registered in Director’s Viewfinder Mode; which will be a benefit to filmmakers utilizing the popular ARRI line of cine products.

SIGMA fp Ver. 5.00 / SIGMA fp L Ver. 3.00 features include:
• A new color mode “Warm Gold” is added. This Color mode creates a mellow atmosphere with subdued tones and warm colors.
• The “EL ZONE” option has been added to the “False Color” function, which displays the exposure status of any part of the screen in a color-coded manner, allowing you to monitor the exposure status of any part of the screen.
• “Focus frame only” *has been added to the information display menu in the |▢| (Display) mode setting.
• “Focus Frame Only” appears in the menu only when the shooting style in STILL mode or CINE mode is set to STILL-like.
• The camera can now be switched off even during long exposures.
• The camera is now compatible with a 4TB (terabyte) external SSD.
• Open Gate (x1.25 / x1.3 / x1.5 / x1.65 / x1.8 / x2) for ARRI ALEXA LF / ALEXA Mini LF has been added to the camera and setting information registered in the Director’s Viewfinder.
• ATOMOS Cloud is now supported.

The information and links to the firmware updates for both cameras are now available on the website.


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