See an Anti-smoking PSA That Cleverly Mixes Extremes In Depth-of-Field to Effectively Tell a Story Using Infinity Photo-Optical Lenses

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Although this is not a DCS project, we would like to share an anti-smoking PSA by Producer/Director Rob Stiff and Cinematographer Peter Chapman.  It’s a really clever spot that mixes extremes in depth-of-field to effectively tell a story. If you have a few minutes, check out The Museum of Extinction, the behind-the-scenes and an interview with the DP, and see if you don’t agree.   Our congratulations to the filmmakers and to our friends at Infinity Photo-Optical whose TS-160 Micro/Macro lenses were so well employed.  You can view the content here:

The Museum of Extinction:

The Museum of Extinction BTS:

Interview with Peter Chapman, Cinematographer of The Museum of Extinction:

Peter Chapman on the Benefits of using Infinity Photo-Optical lenses:


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