Rosco Announces Free myColor App Offering Handheld Access To Their Full Color Filter Library

by | Dec 8, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Rosco has announced the availability of their myColor app.  The free app provides handheld access to Rosco’s full color filter library. It can be used to search, filter, and compare all of Rosco’s color and diffusion filters. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the myColor app also offers the unique ability to create palettes of Rosco gels that you can save, edit, and reference while designing projects and productions. Users can search numerically, chromatically, or by transmission, and they can filter by brand (Roscolux, e-colour+, etc.).



After selecting a filter, users can swipe up to view in-depth details about the physical and spectral properties of the chosen color filter. These details include brand, color name & number, available sizes, RGB values, transmission data, and CIE coordinates. Swiping up on a selected color is also how users can mark that chosen color as a Favorite. The comparison feature enables users to compare two filters side-by-side in record time. After selecting two filters to compare, the app will show both colors’ transmission data in one comprehensive chart. This function can help facilitate better decision-making for projects.

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