“REDlaw” Update: Settles with ARRI…Suing Sony

by | Apr 4, 2013 | News | 0 comments

“REDlaw” Update:  It seems after settling a suit with ARRI over alleged misappropriation of trade secrets, Red is now suing Sony over patents, and demanding the disputed F-series cameras be ‘destroyed.’. The ARRI suit was “dismissed with prejudice,” which means that all claims, counterclaims and defenses asserted in the case are forever dismissed and each party involved has to bear its own costs, fees and expenses.  As reported by Engadget and based on court filings, RED has now filed an unrelated suit against Sony for allegedly violating two of its patents — asking for an injunction to stop sales plus an award for damages, and even that the F5, F55 and F65 models in question be “delivered up and destroyed.”  RED further claims the video cams have “resulted in lost sales, reduced the business and profit of Red, and greatly injured the general reputation of Red.” The patents involve RED’s implementation of RAW video, but no details were given as to how it thinks those processes were infringed.  I don’t think anyone expects Sony cameras to be destroyed, but it’s never boring when dealing with RED.


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