RatPac Controls Launches the 12x200v2 Reverse-Phase Dimmer Designed for 120v LED Tubes and Low-Wattage Practicals

by | Oct 7, 2023 | News | 0 comments

RatPac Controls has introduced their 12x200v2, a next-generation reverse-phase dimmer custom-designed for 120v LED tubes and low-wattage practicals.  Rated at 200W, it provides a smooth dimming from 0-100% and 100%-0% and features a built-in CRMX wireless transceiver, a new locking wireless toggle switch, and a new mode select switch. Since cameras have gotten so sensitive, set lighting technicians are challenged to reduce the brightness of small practicals without causing flicker. Being able to dim practical lights down to 1% without flicker, even those provided by the art department, often built into the set, and control them via wireless DMX is a big problem solver.  Such precise low-wattage control is made possible by MOSFET technology and the 12x200v2 features enhanced electronic circuit protection, eliminating issues with over-amping outlets or plugging in fixtures larger than 200 watts. The 12x200v2 is designed to work well with capacitive loads, especially on the low end, where stable control can be problematic. The modular controller allows for futureproofing of the box, as the technology can be expanded or removed by replacing the controller with a couple of screws.


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