Quasar Science Introduces starCTRL: a Free App to Control Rainbow Series Lights From an iPhone or iPad

by | Jan 20, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Quasar Science has announced the release of a new lighting design app for its Double Rainbow and Rainbow 2 RGBX linear LED fixtures. starCTRL is a free iOS app that users can download from the Apple App Store. It allows users to control color and effects parameters of up to seven Rainbow series lights from an iPhone or iPad. starCTRL allows users to adjust the control parameters, presets, and lighting effects of Rainbow fixtures remotely with a quick to configure Bluetooth connection. With the Rainbow lights in starCTRL Mode, the app will quickly Auto-discover all lights and be ready to control in seconds.

Three tabs within the app control all features. The Control Tab allows users to control intensity, color temperature, plus/minus green, hue, saturation, and output. The Preset Tab contains several pre-configured color settings for quick selection, and the FX Tab allows users to control built-in lighting effects and parameters to tune the lights to their exact requirements. Other features in the starCTRL app include the ability to save and recall favorite colors and effects and a simple to use drag-and-drop function to create groups allowing control of multiple lights at the same time. Users of the app can also control the level and speed parameters for fades for smooth transitions.

Find out more about starCTRL in the introduction video: https://youtu.be/gJZI1ArJomw 


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