Quasar Science Introduces Ossium: a New LED Tube Accessory System

by | Nov 9, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Quasar Science has introduced Ossium, their new accessory system with frames and shells designed to allow the user to create and control large lighting arrays by banking together LED tubes. The two new products are designed to scale up Quasar tubes such as the Crossfade X and Rainbow fixtures to be banked together in a unit with articulating doors to control shape and spill. Direct connection of every industry-standard wired and wireless control option from DMX and Bluetooth through to sACN makes larger Ossium Frame arrays simple to set up and control. The six-tube by 4ft Ossium Double Rainbow frame creates a large array with 288 individually addressable pixels. The 4ft by 4-bank Ossium Shell with Crossfade X tubes creates a wide, low-profile soft light with tunable color temperature from 2000-6000K, while the 4ft by 4-bank shell with Rainbow 2 tubes allows RGBX pixel control in a format that’s simple to rig and manipulate on set.  

A range of DoP Choice accessories are available to offer additional directional control and diffusion for Rainbow fixtures and arrays in Ossium Shells or Frames. Ossium Shells and Ossium Frames are available to order now from Quasar Science dealers. More information about the Quasar Science linear LED lighting range can be found at www.quasarscience.com


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