Panavision Introduces New “Primo V Series” Lenses for Digital Cameras

by | Nov 24, 2013 | News | 0 comments

PrimoPrimo V lenses are designed to offer the look and feel of Panavision’s classic Primo lenses when capturing with digital cameras. Dan Sasaki, Panavision’s VP of optical engineering, notes: “Cinematographers tell us that the hyper-sharp sensors in today’s digital cameras can result in images that are harsh and lack personality…The Primo V lenses bring the smooth, organic flavor of Primo lenses to the high-fidelity digital image.”

Primo V lenses have been re-engineered to account for differeing needs of digital lenses including additional optical elements, low-pass and IR filters to increase off-axis aberrations. Patent-pending modifications eliminate the coma, astigmatism and other aberrations introduced by the additional glass between the lens and the sensor, while preserving imaging characteristics of the Primo optics.

The new lenses are designed to work only with digital cameras equipped with PL or Panavision 35 mount systems. (They cannot be used on film cameras.) A set of Primo V Primes will include 14.5, 17.5, 21, 27, 35, 40, 50, 75 and 100mm focal lengths.


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