Panavision Debuts New Genesis Camera

by | Jul 5, 2004 | News

The Genesis™ camera, which contains a Super 35mm-sized sensor, also has a 35mm depth of field equivalent. The size, weight and ergonomics are similar to existing Panavision 35mm cameras. Features include speeds up to 50 fps, utilization of many existing cine accessories, and a dockable Sony SRW-1 VTR that virtually eliminates the use of cables.

Other features include full bandwidth, dual link 4:4:4 HDSDI outputs, single 4:2:2 HDSDI monitor output, dual viewfinder outputs, fiber optic camera adaptor, integrated lens control, camera control via Panavision RDC or Sony MSU, RMB series controllers, and digital lateral chromatic aberration compensation for improved visual effects cinematography. With a 12.4 mega pixel, true RGB sensor, 10-bit log per color output, the Genesis™ has a greater dynamic range than available digital cameras. The Genesis™ camera is based on Sony’s CCD technology, is designed jointly by Sony and Panavision, and will be manufactured at Panavision’s Woodland Hills facility.

The Genesis™ camera will be available for rental by the end of 2004.



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