Panavision Announces Updated Panascout App

by | Jun 1, 2015 | News | 0 comments

Image1ParallaxPanavision has released a greatly enhanced version of its popular PANASCOUT application.  Panascout allows users to capture and share images encoded with the crucial metadata needed on location scouts.  The new version offers video capture in Panaframe, a framing overlay that displays a choice of aspect ratios from true widescreen 2.40 (Anamorphic), to 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16:9 HD), 1.33 (4:3) and custom.

Metadata automatically incorporates date/time, file name, focal length, aspect ratio and any notes added by the user, which can be saved to a folder or the device’s library. A “Map it” button allows photos to be plotted on a map identifying the exact location where they were taken. By clicking the “P” button, users can also find contact information for the closest Panavision office anywhere in the world.  The app is now available for free on all mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows platforms.   Find out more at:


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