Panasonic Introduces Twin-Lens 3D Camera Prototype, HDC-Z10000 3D Camcorder

by | Aug 31, 2011 | News | 0 comments

The HDC-Z10000 is 2D / 3D camcorder with an integrated twin-lens recording 1080p / 1080i AVCHD 3D video, with dual CMOS sensors for a combined resolution of 13.1MP. It also features an autostereoscopic glasses-less 3.5-inch LCD. It is also capable of 3D macros as close as 17.8 inches

The parallax-barrier LCD allows the 3D footage to be reviewed on-camera without the need for special glasses. Adoption of the latest AVCHD standard allows it to shoot 1080p60 footage in 2D and up to 1080i60 in 3D, as well as offering 30p and 24p options.

The camera essentially combines two of the company’s 3MOS camcorders in a single body, offering 30-369 equivalent F1.5-2.8 zooms (32-320mm in 3D mode), stabilized for both 2D and 3D shooting.


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