OWC SoftRAID Lite is Now Available for Windows

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OWC SoftRAID LiteOWC has announced the release of SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT for Windows. This is the first time SoftRAID is available for Windows users, who now have a cross-platform solution and can share RAID volumes between OSes. Available for purchase now; users who have previously purchased SoftRAID 5 Lite XT with their OWC solution will receive this Windows edition for free.

SoftRAID is the powerful yet easy-to-use RAID software platform that maximizes drive capacity, offers faster performance, and protects against data loss. It’s ideal for voluminous data roles including audio/video production, editing, and photography.  Featuring an all-new, streamlined interface with disks checked and verified before use plus early warnings prevent unexpected disk failure. New licensing of SoftRAID now enables an unlicensed version of SoftRAID to still read/write RAID volumes, making it easier to move them between different computers and locations.


  • Flexible: create RAID 0, 1 volumes with SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT (Windows)
  • Verified: volume validation ensures sectors can be read, parity is correct, and volume failure is minimized
  • Certified: thoroughly scans drives before use to ensure they are safe for data storage
  • Vigilant: early warning prediction helps protect against unexpected drive failure
  • Built-in MacDrive technology: SoftRAID Lite and Lite XT let users exchange arrays between Windows and macOS computers
  • Thorough: full TRIM support improves internal and external SSD performance in all RAID levels

For more details visit: https://software.owcdigital.com/


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