OWC Announces the new Flex 1U4 4-Bay Thunderbolt Rackmount Storage and Docking Solution

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OWC Flex1U44 4 BayRacmountOWC has announced the new Flex 1U4 4-Bay Thunderbolt rackmount storage and docking Solution. The Flex 1U4 is designed as a flexible storage and docking solution for any rackmount environment with the capabilities to use SATA/SAS and U.2/M.2 NVMe drives for up to 128TB of capacity and speeds up to 2750MB/s.

OWC FLEX in DIT CartThe innovative 4-bay design offers the best combination of storage capacity, Thunderbolt transfer performance, drive flexibility, and device expandability.  It allows users to add audio/video capture, 10Gb Ethernet networking, SSD storage, hardware RAID card, or I/O card to the PCIe slot, plus charging of mobile devices with Thunderbolt and USB ports.

OWC Flex 1U4 Highlights include:

• Drive diversity: Use SATA/SAS2 and U.2/M.23 NVMe drives for up to 128TB1 of capacity and real-world Thunderbolt speeds up to 2750MB/s
• Drive flexibility: swap drives quickly and easily if/when needed
• Future ready: use U.2 SSDs – an emerging storage standard – in all four bays
• Get Maximum: utilize U.2 NVMe SSDs as well as the OWC ecosystem of U.2 drives and adapters for incredible speed and flash density per bay
• Powerfully easy RAID: create, manage, and monitor advanced RAID sets with OWC SoftRAID
• Use it all: connect keyboards, mixers, cameras, displays, and mobile devices such as tablets with (2) USB-C 10Gb/s and (3) USB-A 10Gb/s ports
• See more: connect up to an 8K display to the DisplayPort 1.4 port4
• Charge: keep your notebook powered with 85W via the upstream Thunderbolt port5
• Do more: add an audio/video capture, 10Gb Ethernet networking, SSD storage, hardware RAID, or I/O card to the PCIe slot
• Configurable: daisy chain up to five devices or add an additional display with the second Thunderbolt (USB-C) port
• Worry-free: Up to 5 Year OWC Limited Warranty

Pricing & Availability
The OWC Flex 1U4 is available now on Macsales.com with solutions starting at $1,899.00.




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