Orbiter, ARRI’s new LED point source with a variety of optics Now Shipping

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ARRI ShippingOrbiterARRI has announced mass production and first shipments of Orbiter, their new LED point source with a variety of optics.  Orbiter is manufactured at the ARRI Lighting factory in Stephanskirchen, Germany. This facility is located among a close network of partner companies from the region with the necessary experience gleaned from the production of the SkyPanel. A completely new production concept was also developed for the assembly and evaluation of the Orbiter, with an extended and comprehensive test setup.

In addition to the new and innovative light engine, known as ARRI Spectra, a wide range of accessories are available for Orbiter adding the ability to easily attach and change a variety of optics by using the Quick Lighting Mount.  The QLM allows Orbiter to transform into different types of lampheads. In addition, the new Lighting Operating System LiOS will be available and already programmed into the Orbiter units. This system not only offers the user many features as well as a modern and straightforward interface today, but will also continue to be further developed in order to meet future needs and requirements.

Orbiter comes with an extended 3-year warranty as well as 5 years for electronic parts and 10 years for spare parts and is available in the ARRI silver and blue colors as well as a black version.  The light is available for purchase at $6,300US and a little over $10,000US for a basic kit including three lenses, remote panel, and barn doors.  The system is well illustrated in this promotional video:  https://microsites.arri.com/orbiter/orbiter-videos.html  And for more information on Orbiter, please visit: www.arri.com/orbiter


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