Now Streaming – Focus On Cine Lenses From The Buyer’s POV – Home Edition

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DCS2020LensStreamingAnnounceDue to the pandemic, the Digital Cinema Society was not able to hold our popular lens event at Cine Gear Expo this year.  Instead, we gathered some of the top lens manufacturers and industry experts online to explore the current market for cine lenses from the buyer’s POV.  James Mathers was joined as Co-Moderator by lens expert Matthew Duclos, and the event was dedicated this year to the memory of a previous co-moderator, Denny Clairmont, who we recently lost.  Presenters, (in alphabetical order of company name) include:

– Angénieux/Band Pro — Jean-Marc Bouchut
– ARRI — Art Adams
– Canon — Michael Bravin
– Cooke Optics — Les Zellan
– Fujinon — Tom Fletcher
– Infinity Photo-Optical — Jay Margolis
– P+S Technik — Gerhard Baier
– Sigma — Brian Linhoff
– Tokina — Ryan Avery
– Zeiss — Snehal Patel

If you’re thinking of investing in Cine Lenses, or just want to keep up with this evolving market, this program is tailored for you:

Note: Listed in the Vimeo description and in the online version of the DCS eNewsletter are several links to higher resolution samples, cinematography discussions, and magazine articles that were mentioned in the program for viewer followup.


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