Now Streaming — DCS Documentary: Getting Safely Back To Work In The Age of Covid

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The global pandemic brought about by Covid-19 has affected every aspect of our existence.  It has cost  lives, livelihoods, and brought our industry to an abrupt standstill.  Although there are some positive developments on the horizon in terms of vaccinations and treatment therapies, there are still major uncertainties ahead, and we are a long way from being out of the pandemic woods.

The motto of the Digital Cinema Society is basically that we need to adapt in order to survive.   This program explores some of the tools and techniques that have been developed to help our industry get safely back to work.  We interviewed filmworkers, business leaders, and technologists to see how they are adapting and helping to get us all safely back to work on set.  The program is dedicated to the memory of our friend and longtime DCS member, Allen Daviau, ASC, an early victim of the disease.

Featured presenters include:

  • Steadicam Operator Jeff Muhlstock who survived a Covid infection, but nearly lost his life to the disease.
  • Covid Compliance Officer Chris Salas on the steps she takes to keep the productions she works on safe.
  • Micheal George, the Chief Operations Officer at Panavision, on initiatives they have taken to safeguard both their customers and staff.
  • Michael Cioni, the Global SVP of Innovation at discussing developments in cloud workflows which have been fueled by the pandemic, but are here to stay.
  • Audio Supervisor Nico Ruderman of Spinrad Sound explaining the added importance of wireless communications on the set.
  •  Panasonic’s Rob Brambila on advances in Remote Production.
  • Aaron Kroger, Director of Product Strategy at Panavision, pointing out how wireless onset monitoring is not only helping to promote social distancing, but allowing more people to participate in the creative process.
  • Richard Amadril, the President of Luminys, who explained how his company pivoted from providing motion picture specialty lighting products like Lightning Strikes and SoftSun to building systems using some of the same UVC lighting technology to instead sanitize the air and create safer sets.

Our crew includes Director/Editor/Host: James Mathers — Producer: Vika Safrigina — Executive Producer: Charlene Mathers — Director of Photography: David Mahlmann — Titles, Graphics, Digital Effects, and Music Scoring : Christopher Scott Knell, Fireline Studios

Special thanks to Lesley Kantor, Jon Witmer, and Thomas Rose at Panavision — Neil Matsumoto at Panasonic — David Pringle at Luminys — Joyce Bente at Riedel Bolero.



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