Now Streaming: DCS Coverage of Cine Gear Expo 2021

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Over the course of three days, September 23-25, 2021, at and around the L.A. Convention Center, DCS Founder James Mathers conducted interviews covering new innovations in motion picture technology.

LumixTITLECARD2021 360Panasonic’s Matt Frazer presents the Lumix BGH1, a compact camera with simultaneous C4K/4K 60p/50p 4:2:0 10-bit internal recording and C4K/4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit live output for external recording via HDMI.


CINEGEAR MSE TITLECARD 2021 360Matthews Studio Equipment CEO Tyler Phillips discusses the challenges faced when losing his father, Ed Phillips, the former head of the company, followed quickly by the pandemic.  He also presented some new gear including the “Air Climber“, a 25′ pneumatic telescoping stand with a capacity of 220lbs., the MatthSHIELD clear vinyl protection divider, 40′ x 40″ Floppies to fit in smaller vehicles, and a new partnership with the LIGHTBRIDGE reflector system.


RoscoCGE TITLECARD2021x360Rosco’s Emily Stadulis presents their DMG Lumiere DASH Pocket LED featuring MIX technology for a wide CCT Range, (1700-10000K, CRI/TLCI: 95/90.)  The unit can be battery operated, and comes in a self contained kit.  It is also IP54 Weatherproof and features 6-Chip Mixing to precisely match Rosco’s 137 Gel Library.


ZeissCGE TITLECARD 360 2021Zeiss’ Snehal Patel discusses the company’s commitment to educating the community, and some of the latest products including the Supreme Radiance Primes, and the advantages of lens metadata.


QuasarCGE TITLECARD2021x360Steven Strong of Quasar Science shares some details of their latest lighting technology including an LED Ladder system, Multi-light Kits, the new Double Rainbow, built-in wireless DMX control, and new firmware to add X-Y coordinate spectral control to precisely match other lights.


FiilexCGE TITLECARD 2021 360Jim Amorosino presents the latest Fiilex LED technology such as their new Color RGBW series. This includes the new Q10 Color, a 900watt fixture with a 10″ Fresnel, the P-series, compact point source lights controlled with a variety of modifiers, as well as the Matrix and Quad fixtures which pack four separately lens focused Matrix units into one large source with 16 points of control.


LindseyCGE2021 360 2Company Founder and President Dwight Lindsey shares details of the many new motion picture filters and optical accessories from Lindsey Optics.  These include specially anti-reflection coated filters, close focus, flare and streak filters, rotating split diopters and polarizers, plus a large format Director’s Viewfinder.  It accepts modules for everything from Alexa 65 to S35 formats.


Luminys2CineGear2021360Richard Amadril of motion picture lighting manufacturer Luminys discusses how his company pivoted during the pandemic to using UV light to create a machine known as the Luminaire that disinfects air to make sets safe from Covid. Other products discussed include SoftSUN, Lightning Strikes, the small but powerful 1200watt Table Top, and the Paparazzi.


OWC JellyfishCGE TITLECARDx360 2021OWC’s JJ Powell tells us about Jellyfish, a new shared storage system for hybrid workflows.  It is hardware-based on-premises storage that also takes advantage of the cloud for remote collaboration.


OWC KooistraTITLECARD2021x360OWC’s Chris Kooistra tells us about an array of new products including Thunderbolt-4 Hubs and Docks for added speed and connectivity, the Thunderbay Flex8, an 8-Bay Thunderbolt 3 storage solution, the ThunderBlade ultra fast SSD, the Envoy line of small portable SSD drives, U.2 expansion chassis, LTO hardware with ArGest software for archival storage, plus they still perform memory upgrades for older Macs.


SoftDropCGE TITLE2021x360Rosco’s Phil Greenstreet tells us what’s new with SoftDROP including how it is increasingly used for set extensions instead of greenscreen and how their vast library of background images is starting to be used to create volumes for virtual production.


KresserGrosso360at2021CGEKarl Kresser and Juliane Grosso, Founders of Cine Gear Expo, discuss the challenges of putting together their 2021 event and express their appreciation for the companies that exhibited there in spite of the pandemic.  They also discuss their other great passion, making wine at their Grosso Kresser Vineyards.




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