Now Streaming: DCS Cinema Lens Panel at Cine Gear Expo 2018

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CineGearExpo2018 LensEventThe coverage of our annual DCS Cine Gear Expo Lens panel is available to view on-line: Focus on Cine Lenses From the Buyer’s POV.  Cine Lenses have historically been a safe investment, but with sensor sizes growing, and so many new lenses coming to market, the decision making process has become far more complicated. To help everyone stay abreast of what’s new in Cine Lenses, James Mathers moderates a panel of all the major Cine Lens manufacturers in one place at one time. In alphabetical order of company name, the panel includes:

– Angenieux – Jean-Marc Bouchut
– ARRI – Thorsten Meywald
– Cooke Optics – Les Zellan
– CW Sonderoptic/Leica – Seth Emmons
– Fujinon – Stosh Durbacz
– P+S Technik – Anna Piffl
– Schneider Optics – Kim Hogue
– Sigma – Brian Linhoff
– Tokina – Ryan Avery
– Zeiss – Snehal Patel

Special thanks for our volunteer crew:
-Camera Operators Cameron Cannon and Mitch Gulbin
-Set up and Lighting: Enrique Del Rio
-Sound Recording: Christopher Scott Knell

View it now on Vimeo at:


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