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DCS 2014 LightingTechMasterWe are very excited to share our latest streaming content, coverage of our 2014 New Lighting Technology Event. It took place May 31st on the stage at Hollywood Rentals and featured new gear, (in Alphabetical order), from ARRI, Cineo Lighting, Digital Sputnik, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Nila, Olesen, Red Scorpion LEDs, and Zylight.

However, the coverage is far more than simply Manufacturer presentations, since we also have insightful commentary from renowned ASC Cinematographers Roy H. Wagner and Ron Garcia. Mr. Wagner’s credits include Elementary, House M.D., and the first CSI, while Mr. Garcia’s credits include Numb3rs, Hawaii 5-0, and Providence. Together, these two award winning DPs are largely responsible for having pushed the Cinematography bar as high as it is today for prime time television drama.

While the two Cinematographers do elevate the conversation, the nine separate presentations are quite interesting in the own right. ARRI’s John Gresch presents their Photometric Calculator Ap, their new LR5 and LR7 LED units as well as their latest HMI. Then Kino Flo’s Frieder Hochheim shows off their new Celeb 200, and Celeb 400 LEDs, and discusses the importance of color rendition. Kaur Kallas from Digital Sputnik then presents their new systems which have already gained widespread popularity in Europe and are now available in the U.S.

Trisha Maas from Cineo Lighting demonstrates their Remote Phosphor lights including their TruColor, and new Maverick, plus the very small “Matchstix” line. Jordan Hall presents Nila’s latest improvements to their rugged and well liked LED SL, Boxer, Varsa, and Zaila lines, while A.J. Wedding from Olesen, (a division of Hollywood Rentals) demoes their new LED Space Lights.

Zylight’s Joe Arnao presents their new lights including the F8, a slim profile LED Fresnel, and the IS3C a color-adjustable Soft Light, while Marcelo Colacilli shows off his new prototype of Red Scorpion LEDs’ high output LED lights. And don’t forget to watch until the end to see Ali Ahmadi’s Litepanels “durability test.”

Thanks so much to Hollywood Rentals for supplying a great venue, Canon for loaning us cameras to record the event, and to our volunteer crew: Mike McGee and Yongmin Hwang on Camera and Christopher Knell handling Sound. Blame James Mathers for all Postproduction.

See it now:


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