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Welcome to our streaming coverage of the Digital Cinema Society’s annual exploration of Motion Picture Lighting and Grip Technology. This event took place at the IATSE Local 80 stage in Burbank, CA on Saturday, March 18, 2023.  In addition to presentations from most major manufacturers in the field of Cinema Lighting, there were special guests including Cinematographer Ana M Amortegui, ADFC, DP on the new reimagined Quantum Leap and Donald A. Morgan, ASC was also in attendance to help bestow the “Dibie Award” to John Gresch, who recently retired from ARRI after 35 years of service.  Julio Macat, ASC was on hand to take part in the BROKEH Lighting System’s presentation.  Presenting companies, (in alphabetical order,) Include:

ARRI • BB&S Lighting • BROKEH •  Dedolight California • Core SWX • Fiilex •  Kino Flo • Lightstar • Litepanels • Luminys • Quasar Science • RatPac Controls • Rosco Labs • SUMOLIGHT

See the descriptions with separate links below, or view the entire collection of coverage here:

Cinematographer Ana M Amortegui, ADFC, DP on the reimagined Quantum Leap, is interviewed by fellow Cinematographer and Founder of DCS, James Mathers at the 2023 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo.




Coverage of the second annual “Dibie Award” being presented to John Gresch at the 2023 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo. This recognition is given each year in memory of George Spiro Dibie, ASC, to those who exemplify his passion for educating the industry about motion picture lighting. On hand to help bestow this year’s award was John’s longtime friend, Cinematographer Donald A. Morgan, ASC.



The BROKEH Lighting system is presented by its inventor John Tindall along with a testimonial from Cinematographer Julio Macat, ASC. Julio has shot such classics as Home Alone, Wedding Crashers, Pitch Perfect and more recently the beautiful indie feature After the Wedding on which he used the BROKEH system.




Tim Kang, a Cinematographer and Principal Engineer for Color Imaging at Quasar Science and Litepanels, gives a brief history and update on Image Based Lighting which is increasingly used in our industry, especially in the area of Virtual Production.




RatPac Controls’ Nick Stabile gives a little background on the company before giving an update on their latest dimmers, on-set power and ethernet data distribution systems including the Power Distribution Box “PDB,” the PDB Link, and the wireless “Cinntennas.”




Rosco’s Emily Stadulis presents their DMG lighting line and explains how they have incorporated decades of color science experience into the latest LED lighting technology including the MAXI and the DASH line.




Sam Coronel presents the latest products from Kino Flo including additions to the Freestyle line. Frieder Hochheim follows with an update on the business he founded which is now part of the Chauvet family of companies. He also discusses their approach to lighting for Virtual Production and on the technology of fluorescent based lighting.




ARRI’s Shawn Helgedalen demonstrates the latest optics and QLM, (Quick Lighting Mount,) system for the Orbiter at the 2023 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo.





Brent Siebenaler presents the latest from Fiilex Lighting including the MOTOQUAD, (large remote controllable for pan and tilt, great for condors,) and the G3 compact full-color leko with built Lumen Radio.




Dedolight California’s Sean Boyriven gives a practical demo highlighting the beauty of combining their optics with their Lightstream reflector system. Marianne Exbrayat then explains the relationship with Prolycht and some of the latest Dedolight attachments and accessories.




Zack Shannon presents the Core SWX APEX 360 battery system line specifically designed to power motion picture lighting instruments.





After a brief history of motion picture background solutions, Emily Stadulis presents the latest technology from the Rosco Digital Imaging division and how to choose the best option for your production. From traditional Vinyl to SoftDrop, Blue/Green Screen, and on to their new RDX Lab system which allows virtual production tools to be used on a wide variety of budget levels.




Vika Safrigina presents the latest from SUMOLIGHT including the SUMOSKY LED wall that can be pixel mapped and even be driven by video playback.





Richard Amadril, the CEO of Luminys, shares details of their latest technology including using their lighting technology to create machines that clear the air of germs and small 1500w Lightning Strikes units that can run on a household circuit, the “Paparazzi” for flashing and the extremely high output “Table Top”, ideal for high speed cinematography. He also demoed the huge 70K Lighting Strikes unit that can now be powered off of a large battery.




Toby Sali presents the latest from BB&S Lighting, a 27 year old Danish company.  This includes their new RGBWW Area 48 Color, their remote phosphor systems, and a new bi-color track lighting system.




Bryan Godwin, owner of Wooden Nickel Grip & Lighting, presents a new fixture his company is repping called the Lightstar at the 2023 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo.




Special Thanks:

URSA Pro 12K Cameras provided by Blackmagic Design

Lenses provided by Fujifilm Optical

Camera Support provided by Cartoni

Camera Dolly provided by J.L. Fisher

Event Catering contributed to by Dedolight California and Chauvet Professional

Grips IATSE Local 80 and Stage Manager Chris Applegate

Pipe & Drape courtesy of TRP Worldwide

Steven Strong and Ray Gonzales, Local 728, for serving as Rigging Gaffers

Litepanels, Quasar Science, and Mole-Richardson for Stage Lighting Instruments

Bryan Godwin and Wooden Nickel Lighting for additional G&E and Distro equipment

Rosco for the SoftDrop

Our Crew:
-On-camera Host: James Mathers
-Executive Producer: Charlene Mathers
-Event Producer: David Mahlmann
-Technical Producer and Editor: Christopher Scott Knell
-Director of Photography: Cameron Cannon
-Lighting Director: Ron Sill
-Camera Operators: Kelsy Simmons, Jon Tucker, and Enrique Del Rio
-Key Grip: Mitch Gulbin
-House Sound Mixer: Janna R. Lopez Räven
-Event staff: Al Gonzalez, Meghan Mathers, and Michail Melnik
-On-camera Lighting Model: Jenae Patterson


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