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Welcome to our streaming coverage of the Digital Cinema Society’s annual exploration of Motion Picture Lighting and Grip Technology. This event took place at the IATSE Local 80 stage in Burbank, CA on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

In addition to presentations from nearly every major manufacturer in the field of Cinema Lighting, there were special guests including David Klein, ASC, who spoke about his distinguished career and his recent work in Virtual Production Volumes including on The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.  John Schwartzman, ASC was also in attendance to help bestow the “Dibie Award” to Frieder Hochheim, the Founder of Kino Flo.  George Mooradian, ASC was there to take part in the BROKEH Lighting System’s presentation. Presenting companies, (in alphabetical order,) Include:

ARRI • BB&S Lighting • BROKEH • Dedolight California • DMG Lumiére/Rosco Labs • Fiilex • FLUOTEC • Kino Flo • Kinotehnik • Lightstar • Litepanels • Luminys • Matthews Studio Equipment • Mole Richardson •  Nanlite • Nila • Quasar Science • Rosco Digital • Rotolight • SUMOLIGHT

See the descriptions with separate links below, or view the entire collection of coverage here:

We could not produce such events and bring you this coverage without the support of our sponsors and dedicated crew.   In particular for our 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo, we want to give special thanks to:

  • Blackmagic Design and Dedolight California for providing the event catering
  • Blackmagic Design for providing URSA Pro 12K Cameras
  • Fujifilm/Fujinon for providing Cabrio Lenses
  • J.L. Fisher for providing the Model 10 Dolly
  • The Grip’s IA Local 80 for the Stage, and Stage Manager Chris Applegate
  • Ron Dahlquist and DADCO for contributing toward the stage rental
  • TRP Worldwide, (The Rag Place,) for providing Pipe & Drape
  • Quasar Science and especially Steven Strong for serving as the Rigging Gaffer
  • Bryan Godwin and Wooden Nickel Lighting for supplying the Grip, Electric, and Distro equipment.
  • Rosco for the SoftDrop
  • Mole-Richardson for Stage Lighting

Our DCS Crew: On-Camera Host: James Mathers — Executive Producer: Charlene Mathers — Producer: David Mahlmann — DP/Operator: Conrad Hunziker — Camera Operators: Cricket Peters,  Andrew Goldfarb, and Al Gonzales — Lighting Director: Ron Sill — Key Grip: Mitch Gulbin — Supervision Sound and Post Production: Christopher Scott Knell — Sound Assistant: Kylina Aliotti — Production Associates: Sylvana Zuniga, Chris Salas, Michail Melnik, Vika Safrigina, and Julia Abrantes


A Conversation with David Klein, ASC @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

DavidKleinTitleCardDavid Klein, ASC joined James Mathers at the DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo to discuss his distinguished career and his recent Virtual Production work with LED volumes on The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.


Frieder Hochheim Presented the “Dibie Award” by John Schwartzman, ASC @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

FriederDibieAwardTitleCard600The first annual “Dibie Award,” given in memory of George Spiro Dibie, ASC, who worked tirelessly to help to educate the industry about motion picture lighting, was awarded to Frieder Hochheim, Founder of Kino Flo. The award was bestowed in a special ceremony by John Schwartzman, ASC at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo. The two were then interviewed by Digital Cinema Society Founder, James Mathers.


ARRI @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

ARRI.00 03 47 18.Still005ARRI’s Tom Jacob gives us an update on the Orbiter’s new features and array of accessories that help to make it one of the most versatile lights in the industry.  The QLM system features a Docking Ring allowing intelligent integration of various lenses and modifiers with the Obiter knowing what is attached.


ROSCO Digital RDX System @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

ROSCO RDX.00 03 34 05.Still004Emily Stadulis presents exciting new technology to democratize virtual production by offering their large collection of motion backgrounds to feed volumes. ASC DPs, including Roberto Schaefer, Craig Kief, Patrick Cady, and Mark Weingartner, share their experiences working with the system along with Cinematographer Ben Gaskell, who was in attendance at the event.


Quasar Science @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

QUASAR.00 05 03 14.Still004Tim Kang, a Cinematographer and Principal Engineer for Color Imaging at Quasar Science gives a detailed explanation of Image Based Lighting which is increasingly used in our industry, especially in the area of Virtual Production. He also details his work on Spectrum Control to help LED lighting color rendition and to better facilitate matching various instruments to seamlessly work together.


Matthews Studio Equipment @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

MATHEWS.00 02 07 13.Still004Tyler Phillips, CEO of Matthews Studio Equipment, demos some of their latest gear including the Gobo Plate Baby Pin, new “Zero” CRLS reflectors, and the Air Climber. His associate Richard Mall also demos a product he invented called the VEE BOX, a soft box light modifier system for Astera type tubes.


BROKEH @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

BROKEH.00 00 03 20.Still004John Tindall, inventor of the Brokeh Lighting System, explains some of the science behind the magic. He is joined by prominent Cinematographer George Mooradian, ASC, who gives his strong personal recommendation of the system which he used on his Emmy winning series.


Fiilex @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

FiiLEX.00 00 51 20.Still005Brent Siebenaler shows off the latest lighting technology from Fiilex including the Q10 color tunable RGBW 900watt focusable fresnel as well as their smallest unit, the P3, a full color RGBW with a large variety of accessories.


DEDOLIGHT @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

DEDO.00 00 04 04.Still004Dedolight California’s Sean Boyriven, with assistance from his father Patrick Boyriven, gives a great practical demonstration of the LightStream reflector system allowing for multiple sources to be created from one light.


SUMOLIGHT @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

SUMO.00 01 26 20.Still010Malcolm Mills, with an assist from Michail Melnik, presents the latest lighting technology from SUMOLIGHT including the high-output, SUMOMAX LED light that offers a distinctive hexagonal design, high lumen output and a modular form factor.


Litepanels @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

LITEPANEL.00 12 01 19.Still003Alan Ipakchi presents the latest lighting products from Litepanels at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo including the Astra Hard and Gemini Hard, among others.


Mole-Richardson @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

MOLE.00 00 04 21.Still004Brian Eustace and Nancy Murray demo the latest lights from Mole-Richardson at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo held May 21st in Burbank, CA. Units include the Spacelight, Softlight, Big Eye “10K” and for the first time ever, the new 2K LED MoleBeam. Brian shares Mole’s philosophy of providing the durability and models that they are famous for, interpreted for the latest LED technology. They are proud to also have all their products made completely in the USA.


Rosco Lighting @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

ROSCO LIGHTS.00 03 08 19.Still004Emily Stadulis and Caroline Rault present Rosco’s latest lighting taking advantage of their MIX technology, from the small internal battery powered DASH to the large MAXI MIX, at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo held May 21st in Burbank, CA..


KINOTEHNIK from Manios Digital @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

KINOTECH MANIOS.00 01 37 01.Still005Jim Davis from Manios Digital presents the Kinotehnik Practilite 634, a small form factor 45w lighting fixture with interchangeable filters, as well as other brands Manios carries such as Cartoni heads and Hawk-Woods batteries at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo.


LUMINYS @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

LUMINYS.00 01 35 16.Still004Richard Amadril, the CEO of Luminys, shares details of their latest technology including machines to clear the air of Covid germs and small Lightning Strikes units that can run on a household circuit.


NANLITE @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

NANLITE.00 02 18 02.Still004NANLITE’s Marty Glickman gives the long and short of their extensive lighting line showing an 8′ full color changeable RGBW l PavoTube 60S and a very small, but powerful Leko.


NILA @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

NILA.00 02 04 12.Still004Nila’s Jim Sanfilippo runs through their line of high brightness HMI replacement fixtures from the Zaila, Varsa, Boxer, and Arina.


ROTOLIGHT @ 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo

ROTOLIGHT.00 03 37 04.Still004Pamela Bloom, from ROTOLIGHT, presents their technology, with Chris Salas serving as on-camera lighting model, at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo, May 21, 2022 in Burbank, CA.


BB&S Lighting @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

BBS.00 04 56 15.Still004Toby Sali presents the latest from BB&S Lighting, a 27 year old Danish company.  This includes their new bi-color Compact Fresnels and Bi-color LED Light Bars.


LIGHTSTAR @ DCS 2022 Cinema Lighting Expo

LIGHTSTAR.00 02 02 08.Still004Bryan Godwin, owner of Wooden Nickel Grip & Lighting, presents a new fixture his company is repping called the Lightstar at the 2022 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo. Bryan and James Mathers also share a bit of their history as former partners and collaborators going back over three decades.



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