Now Streaming 2019 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo

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Complete coverage of the annual Digital Cinema Society exploration of Motion Picture Lighting and Grip Technology is now streaming.  Hosted by Cinematographer and DCS Founder, James Mathers, the daylong event was held at the IATSE Local 80 stage in Burbank, CA on Saturday, February 16th.

In addition to presentations on the latest lighting technology by almost every major manufacturer in the industry, there is a practical demo on the beauty of hard light and some great words of wisdom from renowned Cinematographer Roy H. Wagner, ASC.  Also see this year’s DCS Innovation and Service Award presented to Dedo Weigert, Cinematographer, Inventor, and Founder of Dedolight, and hear some of his remembrances from a 50+ year career in the motion picture business, as well as an in-depth presentation by Panasonic’s Laurence Nunn on the VariCam family of Digital Cinema cameras.

If you’re particularly interested in the color science behind LED technology, be sure to see great presentations by Kino Flo’s Frieder Hochheim and Quasar Science’s Timothy Kang.

Vendor presentations include, (in alphabetical order):

BB&S Lighting • Cineo Lighting • Fiilex • DADCO/SunRay • Dedolight

DMG Lumiére • FLUOTEC • Kino Flo • Light & Motion • Litepanels

Luminys • Lupo Light • Mole-Richardson • Nila • Panasonic

Quasar Science • Rosco Labs SoftDrop • Ushio/Zylight

We would like to acknowledge our wonderful crew, including:

Producer David Mahlmann  •  Cinematographer Cameron Cannon  •  Camera Operators Dwight Lay and Alexander Bonelli  •  Gaffer Sean Murray  •  Key Grip Mitch Gulbin  •   The indispensable Christopher Scott Knell handling Sound, Data, and Post Services  •  Stage Manager Kent Jorgensen • On-camera Lighting Models Sabine Heinroth and Jamel Northern

Special thanks to:

Panasonic  •  Rosco SoftDrop  •  Mole-Richardson  •  The Rag Place  •  Wooden Nickel  •  Backstage Cafe •  IATSE Local 80  •  DADCO  •  Kino Flo  •  J.L. Fisher  •  OConnor

To view the entire collection, visit:

For direct access to each presentation, listed in alphabetical order, use the separate links below:

BB&S2019LightingTitleCardx480LightenBB&S Lighting – Toby Sali presents the latest from BB&S Lighting including the new Area 48 color and the compact fresnel Beam Light.

CINEO 2019LightingTitleCardx480Cineo Lighting – Trisha Maas of Cineo Lighting presents their latest technology known as Light Blade developed with NBC/Universal:

FIILEX2019LightingTitleCardx480Fiilex – Fiilex’s Brian Chiang shares his passion for making quality lighting instruments and demos some of their latest LEDs:

DADCO 2019TitleCardx480DADCO/SunRay – Hans Lau and Ron Dahlquist of DADCO/SunRay present their latest smart power distribution system featuring wireless control:

DEDO 2019TitleCardx480Dedolight California and Dedo Weigert – The renowned Cinematographer, Inventor, and Manufacturer Dedo Weigert is presented with the 2019 DCS Cinema Lighting Service Award for innovation and dedication to educating future generations of Lighting professionals.  He also tells about his latest products and gives a live lighting demo:

ROSCOE LIGHTS DCS 2019TitleCardx480DMG Lumiére from Rosco Labs – Rosco’s Emily Stadulis shows off the latest units from DMG Lumiére including the Mix line of precision color changeable LEDs:

FLOUOTECH 2019LightingTitleCardx480FLUOTEC – Jose Noriega discusses the beauty of pure white light that drives FLUOTEC technology and shows off their latest units:

KINOFLO. 2019TitleCardx480Kino Flo – Kino Flo’s Frieder Hochheim gives an in depth explanation of the problems faced by lighting manufacturers in trying to maintain color fidelity of LED lighting when each camera interprets the spectrum differently.  He also offers up Kino Flo’s approach to deal with these problems:

LIGHT&MOTION 2019TitleCardx480Light & Motion – Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion makes a presentation on their gear and shares feedback from customers along with a quick demo showing the speed and versatility of his lights.  James Mathers also shares his experience using the Stella 500 on his last feature:

LITEPANELS 2019TitleCardx480Litepanels – Alan Ipakchian presents the latest from Litepanels including updates to the Astra and Gemini lines:

LUMYNIS 2019TitleCardx480Luminys – David Pringle and Richard Amadril of Luminys, the makers of SoftSun and Lightning Strikes, give an update on their latest technology including high frame rate flicker free lighting:

 LUPO. 2019 TitleCard480Lupo Lighting – Lupo Lighting’s Pete Challinger presents the latest LED technology from this well established manufacturer that many in the US may not be familiar with, and discusses the lost art of shaping light with fresnel lenses:

MOLE 2019 TitleCardx480Mole-Richardson – Brian Eustace explains the philosophy of Mole-Richardson as they transition to new technology and shows off their latest LED lighting innovations:

NILA 2019TitleCardx480Nila – Jim Sanfilippo of NILA shares the benefits of, and their expertise in, replacing stadium lighting with LEDs and shows off some of their new units:

PANASONIC 2019TitleCardx480Panasonic – Panasonic’s Laurence Nunn gives an update on the VariCam family of cinema cameras, including many prominent new credits, and Cinematographers James Mathers and Cameron Cannon tell of their experience with VariCam on a recent feature:

QUASAR2019 LightingTitleCardx480Quasar Science – Timothy Kang from Quasar Science takes a deep dive into the color science of LED lighting and explains how our eyes and all the various cinema cameras on the market perceive color differently:

ROSCOE SoftDrop2019Lightingx480Rosco Labs SoftDrop – Rosco Labs’ Phil Greenstreet explains the advantages of their SoftDrop product and gives an update on the storied company:

WAGNERASC2019LightingTitleCardx480Roy H. Wagner, ASC – Cinematographer Roy H. Wagner, ASC sat down to share his experience in an interview with James Mathers, before giving a workshop-style lighting demonstration:

WESTCOTT 2019LightingTitleX480F.J. Westcott – Bryan Covarrubias presents new lights and modifiers on behalf of the F.J. Westcott company, including the very handy Ice Light:

ZYLIGHT. DCS2019TitleCardx480Zylight – Jim Davis, representing the USHIO company, shows off some products of their Zylight and Aladdin brands including the Fabric Light and an Ultraviolet LED:


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