Newly Published 2016 Fletcher Camera Comparison Chart

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FletchCamChrtScreenGrabDCS Advisory Board Member Tom Fletcher, (former Owner of Fletcher Camera,) has come out with an update to his famous Camera Comparison Chart. Compiled by Fletcher with the help of DCS Midwest Chapter President, Gary Adcock, the information has been gathered from numerous conversations with various cinematographers, colorists, colleagues and manufacturers. Tom stresses that this is subjective, rather than scientifically collected data with the goal of sharing information with the industry in order to help filmmakers make educated decisions on cameras and formats. The update now includes the Arri SXT, RED Weapon 8K, (Dragon) and 8K S35, (Helium), Sony FS7, VariCam LT, and Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K, as well as continuing to list the Panasonic VariCam35, Canon C300 Mk II, and Alexa Mini, among many more. Details include estimated latitude, frame rates, resolution, weight, rental cost, as well as perceived pluses and minuses all summarized to two pages.


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