New Streaming: Indie Film Finance and Distribution at Adorama ARC Rentals NYC

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DCS FilmFinanceMedSizeWe depart from our usual new technology coverage and in this discussion of Indie Film Finance and Distribution we explore the business of Show Biz to demystify the many approaches to motion picture finance and the variety of ways Producers can try to earn a return on their investment.

Subject matter experts include:
* Alex Daly, a Crowdfunding Producer
* Roderic David, the CEO of Thunder Studios
* Frederic Lumiere, Indie Filmmaker and CEO of Lumiere Media
* Simon N. Pulman, an Attorney focused on entertainment and media law
* Mark Pederson, CEO of OffHollywood Pictures

The discussion is moderated by Cinematographer and DCS President James Mathers. Held August 6, 2014 at the New York City headquarters of our Host, Adorama and ARC Rentals.

Special thanks to Adorama and ARC Rental staff Daniel Gurzi, Abbey Hessney, Patrick Reagan, Sal D’Alia, who ran the cameras and Peter Lipshitz who handled sound. Blame James Mathers for all Post Production.


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