New Streaming — DCS Focus On Anamorphic at Cine Gear Expo

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AnamophicCoverAt Cine Gear Expo 2015, the Digital Cinema Society held a session to explore Anamorphic Cinematography in an attempt to understand why it has endured, and illustrate the differences between various types of anamorphic and spherical lenses.  Since it would be impossible to explain the beauty of Anamorphic photography without showing it, we had our expert panel help us gather a wide variety of sample footage. As we screened their samples during the one hour event, they specifically point out what elements to look for that differentiates and creates the look of anamorphic cinematography.

Our panel was made of representatives of leading anamorphic lens manufactures including Jean-Marc Bouchut from Angenieux, Thorsten Meywald from ARRI, Les Zellan from Cooke Optics, and Dan Sasaki from Panavision.  The panel also included Mathew Frazer from the Panasonic Lumix division to highlight the GH4’s abilities as an economical anamorphic capture device.  Many thanks to our volunteer Crew of Cinematographer Leonard Carter and Christopher Knell who handled Sound and Editing for this presentation.

The coverage is accessible from the New Streaming link on the DCS page or visit:


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