New RED RAY and Scarlet Announcements

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According to annoucements posted November 30th on, a new product, RED RAY PRO will be available in January or February 2010 with the following specs:

* Decode .R3D RAW files to 5K 30 fps

* Decode .RRD (RED RAY Distribution format) 4:4:4 files up to 4K @ 30 fps

* Up to 12 channels of compressed or uncompressed 24-bit audio

* Optional media and local link encryption

* Gigabit and Wireless 802.11b/g/n Ethernet

* Local Touch LCD UI and dedicated transport controls

* 4 x DVI-D Program Outputs (four 1080p / 2K image quadrants, A B C D)

* 4 x HD-SDI 3G Program Outputs (four 1080p / 2K image quadrants, A B C D)

* 1 x HDMI Preview Output with Audio

* 2 x DB-25 Digital Audio Outputs

* Rack mount

* Redundant power supply possible

* 4 x USB-2 ports

* e-SATA port

* GPIO and automation support

* FireWire 800 port

* 2 x Customizable front storage slots

* Compact Flash support

Note: The previously announced RED Ray Consumer should be available in Spring to Summer 2010.

There are also updates on the Scarlet Camera which you can see in detail with pictures here.

Hightlights include a price of $4,750 for the 2/3″ Scarlet with an 8x fixed zoom lens, and $2,750 for the (“brain only”), for interchangable lens systems. It will shoot RED Code 100, 3K at up to 120fps, be compatible with current RED EVF and LCD displays as well as new “EVF Bomb”, electronic focus and iris control compatibility with RED, Canon, and Nikon lenses… and much more.

The Scarlet S35 will have a price of $7,000 for the brain only.


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