New Digital Cinema Camera Announced Specifically for IMAX and Giant Screen Applications

by | Sep 19, 2020 | News | 0 comments

ACHTEL9x7As recently announced by Cinematographer and Inventor Pawel Achtel, ACS, a new camera is coming to market that he has designed specifically for IMAX and Giant Screen digital production.  The ACHTEL 9×7 has an extremely high resolution 65 Megapixel sensor housed within a very small form factor and records uncompressed RAW footage up to 10GB/s.  The 4/3 CMOS back-side illuminated (BSI), APS-H sized sensor features a global shutter that is capable of frame rates up to 70 fps at full resolution.

Prices start a nearly $150K USD, so this does not appear to be another me-too low-cost camera, but as the Inventor emphasizes, it is really looking to meet the high-end needs of a very particular market uniquely found in IMAX and Large Screen production.  More information is available at: https://24××7/index.htm


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