New DCS Streaming — Virtual Reality Explored

by | May 27, 2016 | News | 0 comments

DCS VR LogoSMThe Digital Cinema Society, in association with Birns & Sawyer, held an event exploring Virtual Reality at the Creative Technology Center in Los Angeles on May 21, 2016. It features a presentation by Filmmaker and Visual Artist Richard Taylor II who discusses, in-depth, some of the new methods of story telling that must be developed to effectively use the new tools which he collectively refers to as 3-Space, namely VR, AR, and 360 degree.  There is also a fascinating presentation by Stuart English of Nokia, who discusses VR and some of the capabilities of their new OZO “presence capture system.”

Special thanks to our volunteer DCS streaming production crew including Producer, David Mahlmann, Mitch Gulbin and Colin Sabala operating cameras, and Christopher Knell managing Sound and Post Production, as well as Production Assistant, Mariana Ibara.

The coverage is now available to view on the DCS New Streaming page:


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