New DCS Streaming: Focus on Cine Lenses from the Buyer’s POV

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In this Cine Lens event recorded as part of Cine Gear Expo 2016 at Paramount Studios, we heard from some of the top lens manufacturers including, (in alphabetical order): Angenieux — ARRI — Canon — Cooke — CW Sonderoptic/Leica — Fujinon — Schneider Optics — Zeiss

We asked about their latest offerings and how they are meeting the challenges of creating quality lenses suitable to various cameras while resolution and coverage area keep increasing at the same time that camera prices are falling. If you’re thinking of investing in Cine Lenses, this event is tailored for you.

We thank Cine Gear Expo and our expert panel including Jean-Marc Bouchut, Thorsten Meywald, Tim Smith, Les Zellan, Gerhard Baier, Chuck Lee, Don Shafer, and Snehal Patel. Also a very special thanks to our volunteer crew including Cinematographer Cameron Cannon and Christopher Knell who handled Post as well as location sound. The coverage is now available to view on the DCS New Streaming page:


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