New Camera Support Product Announcements from LIBEC

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LibecProductPromoDCS Supporter, Libec is excited to inform members of several new products coming to market. There are significant improvements to their Allex series which started shipping this summer. The versatile system offers vertical, horizontal and diagonal movement via a freely adjustable rail system that acts as more than a slider thanks to its detachable design. Moreover, by using two platforms, a still image and a motion picture can be captured at the same time. A demo showing off the expanded capabilities of the system can be found here:

Libec is also proud to announce their redesigned RH series fluid heads which now have a payload capacity all the way up to 26.5lbs. These heads feature continuous counterbalance technology compatible with LIBEC ALLEX sliders and other flat base equipment, as well as Duel-Head specification for both 75mm ball diameter and flat base tripods.

Libec is also happy to introduce redesigned three wheel dollies, the DL-2RB, DL-3RB, and DL-5RB. All three dollies will share a new carrying-handle structure in the center section. For DL-3RB and DL-5RB, the rubber tripod attachments are now adjustable and can be used with Vinten and Sachtler tripods. These new dollies will be available soon.

For more information on these and other Libec products, visit their website:


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