Netflix Offers Filmmakers Tech Guidance via Partner Help Center and YouTube Channel

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NetflixPartnerCenter2Over the past several months Netflix has been working on ways to increase production resources around workflows to help provide better guidance and best practices. As a result, they created a web portal known as the Partner Help Center to help filmmakers successfully navigate the rapidly evolving technology associated with subjects such as on-set HDR workflows:  HDR On-Set Monitoring: Considerations & Best Practices.

Other content focuses on subjects such as on-set Digital Imaging and Data Management: Roles & Responsibilities, Virtual Production, and many more.  Search the catalog here:

They have additionally produced a series of short foundational knowledge videos currently streaming on the Netflix Production Technology Resources YouTube channel.  They are designed as a shareable resource to delve into topics such as the importance of a color managed workflow and establishing a solid data backup and verification plan at the start of production.  

The Benefits of Color Management:


Why Data Management is Essential:


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