Nanlite Launches PavoSlim Line of LED Panels: Compact, Lightweight, Powerful, and Durable

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Nanlite has announced a new line of LED panels that they have christened PavoSlim. The PavoSlim LED panels are designed to be compact, lightweight, powerful, durable and economical. At launch, the line consists of two 1×1 models, the PavoSlim60B and 60C and two 2×1 units, the PavoSlim 120B and 120C.  The B versions are bi-color with a CCT range of 2700-K-6500K, while the C versions are RGBWW with a CCT range of 2700-7500 and +/-150 of G/M adjustment with built-n LumenRadio and presets for 151 filters. They all have DMX/RDM ports, Bluetooth, 2.4G, and run on AC or battery.

They’re exceedingly thin at less than an inch thick and ultra-lightweight, but feature a metal build with a fanless and silent, heat-dissipating design. They provide a large amount of output and can be set up quickly with or without their included softboxes. Every PavoSlim model includes a softbox, eggcrate grids, and 2 diffusion panels that set up rapidly. They all have multiple 4-pin locking plates on the back for secure mounting and include a swivel mount for positioning. A space-efficient padded carrying case holds everything safely.  For more details visit:



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