Nanlite Introduces the FS-60B, a Compact, Light Weight Bi-Color Studio Spotlight

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Nanlite has introduced the FS-60B, a compact, lightweight, bi-color studio spotlight. This light is designed for versatility and portability in a fixture measuring only 9.7 x 5.2 x 3.4″ that weighs just 1.87 lbs. It features a 45° reflector to offer a 6228 lumen output emitting up to 13,360 lux of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 3.3′. In addition, it has a CCT range of 2700-6500K for warmer tungsten and cooler daylight tones. The FS-60B also has 12 built-in customizable effects and comes with a Bowens adapter mount for separately available light modifiers.  The fixture is AC only, but an optional battery mount that attaches to the stand is available.

The FS-60B also features an 1.3″ OLED display for direct, precise, and easy control, but it can also be controlled remotely via Bluetooth with the free NANLINK app for iOS or Android or with a 2.4 GHz connection using the separately available WS-RC-C2 handheld remote control or WS-TB-1 transmitter box.  It has two built-in knobs with one for dimming from 0 to 100% and another for color temperature control. The fixture comes with FM mount, (the same as Forza 60), capable of working with a wide assortment of Nanlite’s light-shaping tools such as Fresnel lens, softboxes, and umbrellas. A Bowens mount adapter is included as well to expand the compatibility with a wide array of light modifiers. Additionally, built-in umbrella mounts are also incorporated into the yoke and the Bowens adapter, giving you even further options for softening the light. The FS-60B is currently available for sale at Nanlite dealers with an MSRP below $200US. For more details visit:


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