Nanlite Introduces the PJ-BM Bowens Mount Projection Attachment

by | Nov 5, 2021 | News | 0 comments

NanliteProjLenses2Nanlite has announced their new PJ-BM Bowens Mount Projection Attachment.  The Bowens Mount, long popular for strobe attachments in still photography, has been gaining traction in cinema lighting, and is now compatible with a wide variety of lights. When used with a Nanlite Forza, the output is said to be double of what you get with their FL-20G fresnel, along with the added light-shaping tools such as internal shutters, a focusable lens, gel inserts, gobos, and a separately available adjustable iris.  Two sets of Gobo 10-packs are also available at launch; Gobo Set 1 has multiple windows and useful linear array and breakup patterns. Gobo Set 2 has water, trees, foliage, flames, fireworks and graphical patterns.  The lenses are available separately, as is an adjustable iris insert and two B-size gobo 10-packs.  A flight case, 4 B-size gobos, and a gel frame are all included, and it’s available with a 19° or 36° lens.  For more information, visit your Nanlight dealer or see the full press release here:



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