Nanlite and Nanlux introduce free NANLINK APP 2.0 Featuring Sophisticated Control of their Lights on Mobile Devices

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Sister companies Nanlite and Nanlux have introduced NANLINK APP 2.0, a free lighting control app available on iOS and Android.  It is an update to the first NANLINK mobile app launched in 2021 and is now in its 24th version. This latest update retains all the functionality from the previous version and still controls both Nanlite and Nanlux fixtures, creates Groups and Scenes, and just like the last version, allows log in as a guest if you don’t want to log in or create an account (just tap “Guest Mode” under the Log In and Sign Up buttons when you launch the app). However, using an account lets you access your saved presets, scenes, and groups, and a powerful new feature. A new menu features colorful logos with graphics that further communicate what they do, and the faders now use color to intuitively communicate function: the CCT fader is a warm orange at one end and transitions to a cool white at the other, G/M faders do the same with green fading into magenta, and so on.

But, the most innovative new feature can be found by going into a Scene menu. New features allow you to plan and arrange scenes by placing and positioning lights, modifiers, subjects, props, furniture, walls, roads, staircases, etc. It’s an organizational tool that makes it easy to share your plots with other members of the production team.  You can have your Light Plot open on your mobile device when you’re shooting and use it to directly control the lights you’re running on set. Instead of just looking at a text-based list of lights to control, allowing you to adjust the lights directly in your Light Plots.

NANLINK 2.0 is available now on iOS and Android. Versions for iPadOS and Android HD (for Android tablets) will be available in Q2 of 2024. Every version of NANLINK has feature parity, so they will all have Light Plots and the other upgrades. For more information and links to the free download visit:


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